Texas Elite F1 and Brahman Female Sale

March 19, 2022 at 1:00 PM
Caldwell Livestock Commission, Caldwell, Texas

The Texas Elite F1 and Brahman Female Sale will be held March 19, 2022, in Caldwell, Texas.  This sale features F1 replacement females, and registered and purebred Brahman females. Consignments of open, bred, and pairs will be sold. Cattle are sorted into uniform groups of 3 or more head.

The offering will include:

  • F1 Replacement Females
  • Registered Brahman Females
  • Purebred Brahman Females
  • Hereford Females
  • Registered Bulls (Brahman, Hereford, Angus)
Buy with Confidence

You can buy these replacement genetics with confidence. The cattle in this sale are consigned by reputable commercial breeders who have been in business for years. The cattle you purchase at this sale will go to work for your operation.

Texas Elite F1 and Brahman Female Sale

March 19, 2022
1:00 p.m. • Caldwell Livestock Commission
270 County Road 107 • Caldwell, TX 77836
Live Sale Broadcast with Cattle in Motion

Here's a look at the cattle consigned so far:

455  Brahman x Hereford F1
25    Brahman x Angus F1
40    1/4 Brahman x 3/4 Angus
60    Beefmaster Cross
50    Brahman
75    Hereford
12    Angus
     Brahman Bulls
7      Hereford Bulls

     Angus Bulls


John Malazzo Farms
Herrmann Cattle Company
Whitlock Cattle Company
Randy Howard
Richardson Ranch
Broken Triangle Cattle Company
CWD Cattle
Dauer Herefords
Dr. Charles Grahman
DRC Ranch
Flying W Ranch
Whitaker Farms
H&M Cattle Company
Hicks Creek Cattle Company
Bruce Alford Cattle
Lloyd Graham
Flying H Cattle Company
Cody Hightower
Don Eckvall
Lonnie Albright
Cort Hildebrand
Evan Hildebrand
Ricky Jatzlau
JCW Cattle Company
K-Switch Cattle Company, Inc.
Krueger Enterprises
Luecke Children’s Partnership
Craig Means
Mark Melson
Post Oak Ranch
Rafter E Cattle Company
Sanders & Sons
Terry Novak Ranch
VP Ranch
Los Pinos Cattle Company
B&C Cattle
McAllister Cattle
Cody Muzny
Texas M3 Ranches
Cody Novosad
Long Street Farm

Sale Contacts:
Milton Charanza: 979-450-8588
Mitchell Charanza: 979-777-9955

Caldwell Livestock Commission Contacts:
Carl Herrmann: 979-820-5349
Hank Herrmann: 979-820-5277

Cattle in Motion Contact:
Tim Lockhart: 979-204-4302

John Malazzo Farms Consignments
Texas M3 Ranch Consignments
H&M Cattle Consignments
Luecke Children Partnership Consignments

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