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Thank you for your interest in our sale offering. View pictures, videos and more information below on the current offering of Broken Triangle Cattle. We are also pleased to represent Bentke Cattle Company, Meduna Estate, and McKenney Farms. View the offering from each of these ranches below.

Give Milton a call anytime at 979-450-8588 to talk about these cattle.

Broken Triangle Cattle Registered Brahmans

Our philosophy has always been simple, breed cattle that are moderate, sound, and gentle. These dark red heifers are the best we have ever raised. They are sired by our 2 main herd sires, TO 12/11, and BAYMAX 8/7. Most of them are ET calves out of our 3 best cows. Take a close look at these heifers and make plans to stop by anytime. Just call and come by – no appointment necessary. 

BRAHMANS WITH CARCASS QUALITY? The list of advantages of using Brahmans in your breeding program is growing in a positive way. We all are familiar with the many advantages of Brahmans:

  • Hybrid Vigor
  • Maternal Ability
  • Heat Tolerance
  • Feed Efficiency
  • Adaptability
  • Insect and disease resistance
  • Longevity

Now we can add CARCASS QUALITY to the list. Broken Triangle Cattle Company scanned 100% of our calf crop again this year. That’s right! We scanned them all – from the top to bottom.

These 24 grey females averaged an IMF% score a little over 3.0% with an average ribeye per 100 lbs. of body weight of 1.29 inches. Carcass quality and muscling makes this group of females unique.


Bentke Cattle Company

15 Registered Grey Brahman Females

This is an impressive set of uniform females from Bentke Cattle Company. They are deep bodied, heavy muscled, sound in structure, feminine, and as a bonus they have great dispositions.

When you look at their pedigrees you will find they are even more special, most being sired by a V8 380/6 son and a J.D. Hudgins Massai Manso son. Both bulls are doing a tremendous job in the Bentke herd and give that extra star power to the pedigree.

Take a look at these videos and give us a call. We would enjoy telling you the rest of the story on this group of females. They have been videoed in 3 groups with the ABBA numbers listed in each group for your convenience. You be the judge and pick the heifers you like.

Call Milton Charanza – 979-450-8588 or Shane Bentke – 979-451-1525 for more information.

Group 1: 1063795, 1063798, 1063799, 1063800, 1063807

Group 2: 1063806, 1063796, 1063804, 1063803, 1063810, 1063809

Group 3: 1063805, 1063801, 1063802, 1063808

Meduna Estate Red Brahmans

100 Head of Registered Red Brahmans consisting of 62 cows, 36 heifers and 2 herd bulls with excellent Red Brahman pedigrees.

Sires Represented:

  • +MR 3H X-Ray 825
  • +Winchester Magnum 999 HK Polo 757 (P)
  • +HK Passport 777 HK Visa Brasil 275
  • +BB MR Sting-Ray 10/ 0
  • +Sophisticated Millionair 80 / 3
  • +HK MR America 435 / 2
  • +VL Rojo Apache 1/ 50
  • +TJF Smokin Gun 109 / 7 HK Paragon 555/9

This herd is extremely gentle and has numerous polled genetics offered. If you are a connoisseur of fine red Brahman cattle, an opportunity like this rarely comes along. This outstanding herd of red Brahmans represents a passion Dr. David Meduna has had for many years. This herd would never be for sale except for the tireless demands of Dr.  Meduna's medical practice and the sale of his ranch land inside the city limits of College Station, TX.

The Meduna Brahman herd has come through the difficult drought over the last several years in an unbelievable fashion.


McKenney Farms

Approximately 25 cows, 14 exposed and ready to breed heifers and 12 weaned heifers available from McKenney Farms. All Line One Herefords, predominantly Holden and Cooper Genetics. These females are in great condition and have been very productive.

The females are 7 years and younger. They are year branded with only a few that are 7 years old. The females have been worked and are running on good pasture. Most of the exposed females should be bred but too close to palpate. Dr. McKenney’s passion for breeding cattle is evident when you look through these females. This has been a planned breeding program built around functional and practical cattle – perfect for today’s beef industry.

This outstanding offering includes:

  • 10 Pairs with Spring calves (exposed back); a few of these have been palpated bred so they are 3 n 1’s
  • 15  Bred cows (calving in the Fall)
  • 10 Exposed heifers
  • 4 Open heifers (ready for bulls)
  • 12 Weaned heifers


Also available with the McKenney offering are 7 nice breeding age bulls, 9 yearling bulls, 5 registered Brahman females and J.D. Hudgins Brahman bull.

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