34th Annual ABBA National F1 and TBA Brahman Female Sale

March 20, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Caldwell Livestock Commission, Caldwell, Texas

The 34th Annual American Brahman Breeders Association National F1 and Brahman Female Sale will be held March 20, 2021, in Caldwell, Texas.  This sale features ABBA Golden Certified and Certified F1 replacement females, and registered and purebred Brahman females. Consignments of open, bred, and pairs will be sold. Cattle are sorted into uniform groups of 3 or more head.

The offering includes:

  • F1 Replacement Females (ABBA Golden Certified and Certified)
  • Registered Brahman Females
  • Purebred Brahman Females
  • Hereford Females
  • Registered Bulls (Brahman, Hereford, Angus)
Buy with Confidence

You can buy these replacement genetics with confidence. The Brahman F1 female is the result of crossing a Brahman with other breeds of the Bos taurus species. This female has become known as the “Queen of Cow County” for her bred-in environment adaptability, increased milk production, higher fertility and the heat and disease resistance of her Brahman parent (brahman.org.)

The certified cattle in this sale are part of the ABBA National F1 program, which verifies the animal’s parentage to assure producers of the animal’s true genetic makeup. Golden Certified F1 cattle are progeny from two registered parents. For Certified F1 cattle, the sire is registered and the dam must be a qualified cow, which is a purebred cow that has been inspected for physical characteristics by an ABBA representative. View more information about the ABBA F1 program here.

34th Annual ABBA National F1 and TBA Brahman Female Sale

March 20, 2021
1:00 p.m. • Caldwell Livestock Commission
270 County Road 107 • Caldwell, TX 77836
Live Sale Broadcast with Cattle in Motion

Sale Contacts:
Milton Charanza: 979-450-8588
Mitchell Charanza: 979-777-9955

ABBA Contact:
Joe W. Mask. PhD: 979-559-2000

Caldwell Livestock Commission Contacts:
Carl Herrmann: 979-820-5349
Hank Herrmann: 979-820-5277

Cattle in Motion Contact:
Tim Lockhart: 979-204-4302

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